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Trussed Roof Loft Conversion in Ramsbottom

One large double and a smaller bedroom plus a shower room in this modern detached family home.

We created two fabulous additional bedrooms and a middle bathroom to make this family home a super-sized six bed property.

Delighted Client

The client is delighted with the additional space the changes have made. The children have individual rooms and an additional bathroom is perfect for reducing the loading on the main bathroom.

The roof looks stylish and attractive with the dormer windows to the rear and rooflights to the front.

Dormer Bedrooms

By installing prefabricated Velux dormers in the bedrooms (three and two respectively) the rooms feel larger and are bathed in natural light. The inward-opening vertical windows are ideal for safety and ventilation, and the fitted blinds provide privacy and light reduction.

The loft rooms are kept warm and cool with insulation that meets Building Regulations are all connected into the central heating system and the bedroom floors are solid wood, for easy maintenance.

Trussed roof conversion

The original trussed frame made up of "W" shaped loft trusses was typical for the period of construction. The low profile roof was the minimum height required for the local environmental conditions and roof covering.

The head height within the roof proved too low for a habitable room, so by replacing the roof structure we allowed significantly more space to be created for family use. To read more about how we altered this roof see our truss conversion process page.

Cost of Conversion

The approximate cost of a trussed roof conversion is £48,000 + vat. For a competitive, free quotation call us today on: 0800 505 3414

To understand more about this type of roof structure please see our trussed roofs and roof history sections.

For more on our planning services see loft floor plans and information on Planning Information and Building Regulations

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