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Truss Conversion - Stalybridge, Manchester

Two additional bedrooms and bathroom added to modern 4 bed house in Stalybridge, Tameside.

This exciting trussed loft conversion to a modern four bedroom family home created significantly greater living space within it. We added two double bedrooms and a convenient additional bathroom by replacing the W shaped trussed frame and raising the ridge line of the house.

Boarshurst completed the construction - from planning and design stages to the build and final trim (which took just 4 weeks). The family are delighted with the quality of the additional rooms and that there was minimal disruption to family life during the period.

Outline of construction work:

  • Boarding to protect existing conservatory
  • Removal of existing guttering, soffits and facia, and ceiling spars
  • Propping up of the existing bedroom ceiling - ensuring the living space was not compromised and bedrooms remained undisturbed
  • Removal of roof tiles, truss frames and spars
  • Build up wall plates to provide clearance for existing electrical wiring and pipe work
  • Install attic trusses - (using a crane to lift) these have large floor beams that act as an all in one unit for the floor and roof timbers
  • Space trusses at 400mm centres, prop and brace these in position
  • Attach wall plate straps and fasten to gable ends
  • Felt (waterproof and breathable) and batten
  • Install new facia and soffits and reinstall existing and new matching roof tiles

Into/onto the new roof we installed a dormer roof extension for the bathroom, Velux windows for the bedrooms and solar panels to heat water for the domestic hot water system.

Internally, the loft floor and ceiling are fully insulated to ensure a stable and comfortable temperature and sound insulated in the loft and to meet fire regulation requirements.

Heating is provided via radiators which are connected to the central heating system.

The spacious loft bathroom designed principally in soft browns, white, steel and chrome contains an elegant steel and glass shower, tiled floor and walls, white semi pedestal sink and a free standing toilet. A chrome towel rail heats the room.

The large double bedrooms are well lit with two large rear-facing Velux windows and have recessed downlights. Storage is within fitted cupboards shaped into the ceiling slope.

The wooden loft doors match the internal doors through the rest of the house.

The fire safety regulations are fully met using mains smoke alarms installed throughout the house and loft and that would provide early notification of smoke.

Planning and Regulations

Boarshurst's architectural surveyor designed and planned the proposed loft conversion. We obtained Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval for the construction and have an excellent record obtaining permission for trussed loft conversions, which often require the roof line to be raised.

All lofts are designed and built to meet or exceed current current building regulations.

Cost of Conversion

The approximate cost of a trussed roof conversion is £55,000.
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To understand more about this type of roof structure please see our trussed roofs and roof history sections.

For more on our planning services see loft floor plans and information on Planning Information and Building Regulations

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