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Velux Installation: Roof Windows, Conservation Skylights, Balcony Systems


Roof and Loft VELUX® Windows

New and replacement Velux windows and blinds installed in Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire.

Window product range:

Velux is the leading manufacturer of roof windows.

Over 60 years of development by VELUX® has gone into its product range. The company's great variety of different shapes and sizes to suit most loft developments or conversions.

Skylights and Windows

Windows are designed to allow maximum light into a room and for ventilation. Choice of window finish, such as wood or white polyurethane can make roof windows the focal point of a room.

For roofs opening out onto a terrace Velux have designed an ATS Roof Terrace System allowing easy walk through.

Roof Shape

Choice of window will depend upon the size and shape of your roof and the design of the loft living space.

A shallow pitched roof can require longer VELUX® skylights in order to achieve fuller views.

VELUX® Cabrio

VELUX Matching modular skylights and windows
*Picture by Velux

Steeply pitching roofs may allow balcony systems such as the VELUX® ABS 'Cabrio' which opens out to create a small balcony with integral railings.

Steeper roof pitches would make opening skylights a heavy task, so Velux windows can be given spring assistance.

Many roof windows are also designed to act as emergency escape hatches.

VELUX Cabrio roof balcony system
*Picture by Velux

Flat Roofs

Flat and felt roofs can be brought to life with a tubular tunnel skylight.

The flat roof is either designed with a deep ceiling or the window is elevated within a tunnel. Natural light enters directly or reflects off the tunnel sides to illuminate the entire room.

VELUX® Window Technology

Heat insulation, frame and window strength, and weather protection are important aspects of window panes and finishes.

All timber VELUX® roof windows have a TOPfinish™, this is a multi-applied clear varnish for internal surfaces.

VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight
*Picture by Velux

VELUX® pane technology is designed to optimize heat insulation. Panes are AA fire rates and meet "U" value requirements. A choice of glazing options is available.

VELUX carry 8 Standard Window Sizes:
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