VELUX® Roof Skylights

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VELUX® Roof Skylights

Centre Pivoting Velux Roof Skylight

A consistently popular VELUX® skylight window is the centre pivoting GGL and GGU range.

This design marked the Velux® story and it remains one of the most versatile roof windows available today.

Pivoting windows are ideal for windows above head height, closer to the roof top.

The skylight has a straight-forward design that requiring a smaller opening in a roof structure than a dormer.

An advantage of skylights over dormers is that an angled window area directly facing the sky allows significantly greater light.

The window design allows easy cleaning and room use below the window.

Wood or White Polyurethane Finish

The GGU is the White Polyurethane Finish version of the same window. The GGU window has moulded polyurethane around a timber core, with a white varnish finish. This window is an ideal choice for humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens where the EVERfinish makes them totally water resistant.

Window Ventilation

Velux Skylight with awning
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Ventilation is easy to adjust even when the window is closed, any condensation that may collect can drain away via drainage chanels leading outside.

These roof skylights are perfect for playrooms too. A simple wipe with a damp cloth will have windows looking clean again, and there are no hard to reach corners either. They can take some tough treatment too.

The GGL and GGU Skylight will rotate 180 degrees to allow cleaning of the exterior pane from inside. A built-in barrel bolt secures the window to leave your hands free.

Ideal Roof Window

Velux Skylight with shutters
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Whenever daylight is needed, this skylight floods light into a room, when darkness is required the shutters or Siesta blinds can be drawn. This makes it an ideal window for a lofts, attics and roofs.

The Roof System

The VELUX® GGL is available in sizes up to U08 (134 x 140cm). Each size has a smooth and easy operation that holds the opened window firmly in position.

Velux Skylight with fly screen
*Picture by Velux

Window ventilation is adjusted using the ergonomically improved control bar. A short pull opens the vent. A longer pull opens the whole window which can then be secured using the integral barrel bolt. A fly screen prevents insects entering your loft room.

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Also available: U04 (134x98 cm) and U08 (134x140 cm).


Window Pane Glazing

The GGL and GGU Skylight glazing can be upgraded from standard double glazing to multi-function 'PROTEC-STAR' double glazing.

'PROTEC-STAR' glazing increases window insulation using improved thermal efficiency. There are additional safety aspects to these panes, too.

Window Blinds for Skylights

Skylight blinds are specially made for inverted use. To prevent sagging, blinds are held within aluminium frames and can be adjusted using handles or electronically.

VELUX® have a broad range of colours and designs that will suit any colour scheme in bedroom, bathroom, office, livingroom or nursery.

Motorised electronic controls are available to:

  • control window ventilation
  • automatic closure with rain sensors
  • remote blind shutting
  • opening and closure of external shutters or screens

Total Light and Sound Proofing

Where you require complete blackout there are the Siesta range. To create a completely dark and exceptionally quiet bedroom, for young children.

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