VELUX® Roof Top Hung Skylight

Velux GHL GPU Windows: F06 M06 M08 S06. Installation and Supply


VELUX® Top Hung Skylights

Velux window used in many loft conversions

Bottom opening windows are easy to use and will not intrude on loft space.

The window conveniently opens outwards so they are particularly suitable for use at head and body height, GHL and GPU skylights particularly suitable too for shallow pitch roofs (centre pivoting windows when open project slightly into the room).

Top hung skylights are often very appropriate for roofs where locations afford good views. A wide 45 degree opening angle opens up a birds-eye view from a converted attic room.

Window Versions

Available in wood finish (GHL) or polyurethane finish (GPU), this is a very versatile skylight and can be recommended as the best choice within many converted lofts.

Loft Livingrooms

Outward opening windows do not encroach on any living space unlike the centre-pivoting windows. Available in wood finish, they can be used to compliment other wooden features, like wooden or laminate flooring, wooden stairs and banisters or modern or classic furniture.

Loft Kitchens and Bathrooms

Velux Skylight in Loft Bathroom

When the emphasis is on clean surfaces, lines and looks, a white polyurethane finish is difficult to beat.

Around the timber core, the GPU skylight has molded polyurethane and an EVERfinish varnish to ensure total water resistance.

In humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens these windows can easily be maintained with a soft cloth.

Velux Roof Skylight

Window Ventilation and Cleaning

When the window is closed a vent can be opened. If condensation should collect, the window design allows it to drain away via drainage channels leading outside.

The GHL and GPU Skylight can be fully opened to completely rotate for cleaning the exterior pane from inside.

Velux Roof Skylight

Stylish Roof Window

The window design will flood your room with natural light. To control daylight, there are VELUX® venetian blinds in many colours, or siesta blinds.

Window Blinds for Skylights

Skylight venetian blinds are particularly suited to humid areas and attic windows because they allow greater control over light direction.

Siesta blackout, roller and pleated blinds are also available. To prevent any sag, blinds are held within aluminium frames and can be adjusted manually or with the optional electronic controls.

VELUX® provides blinds in a broad range of colours and designs to suit most colour schemes.

Electronic controls will adjust window ventilation, opening and closing. Automatic closure also uses rain sensors. Remote controls are optional, for blinds, external shutters and screens if converting your loft then electrical wiring is more efficiently installed during conversion.

VELUX Technical & User Guides


Top opening skylights.


Roof Pitch

We can install or replace top-hung skylights in roofs with pitches between 20 and 55 degrees, or up to 65 degrees with special springs.

Emergency Escape

Ensure you check the emergency escape and access requirements for your area as English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish regulations all differ.

Window Pane Glazing

The GHL and GPU glazing alternatives include standard double glazing and the advanced 'PROTEC-STAR' multi-function double glazing.

'PROTEC-STAR' glazing improves window heat insulation with better thermal efficiency; it also has additional safety features. Choose double glazing options in replacement skylights to maximise energy efficiency and comfort.

Top Top Pivoting Access