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Velux GPL Emergency Access Escape Roof Windows: M06 M08 P10 and S06

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VELUX® Escape & Access Skylights

Loft Conversions need Escape Planning
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Since the 2008 building regulations change Escape and Access windows are no longer a required in loft conversions.

More emphasis is now placed on access via stairs.

Escape in Case of Fire

The loft staircase will be the principal escape route in the event of a fire and stairs must discharge to a suitable final exit, normally a front or rear door.

Alternative Means of Escape

New loft room(s) should have an window or skylight designed for escape or rescue. This window needs to be easily accessible, large enough to climb through, and close to eaves level. This will assist rescue from an external source, e.g. fireman's ladder.

Roof Escape Window Regulations
Regulation dimensions

Openings need to be a minimum of 850mm high and 500mm wide, and the window bottom within 1.7m of the roof eves and not higher than 1.1m above the internal floor level.

Building Regulations

Dormer windows require an unobstructed opening area at least: 0.33 metres squared, 450mm high and wide. Bottom of opening area needs to be 1100mm max. to 800mm min. above floor level and 1700mm max. above the eaves. The window may be wall end of the roof.

GPL Escape Window

Roof Escape Window
Velux GPL Escape Window

VELUX® has a range of specialist emergency escape/access skylight windows designed to comply with these safety regulations.

The GPL roof window provides the exit/access, light, ventilation and insulation properties which are the hallmark of the VELUX® windows range.

GPL installation is possible in all roof materials, including:

  • Slate
  • Tile
  • Thatch
  • Metal
  • Felt

The GPL roof window can be installed into roof pitches between 20 to 55 degrees, or up to 65 degrees with special springs. The window opens at any angle up to 45 degrees.

GPU White Polyurathane

The GPU M08 (78cm x 140cm) top-hung roof window in white polyurethane finish window also conforms to escape/access requirements and is ideal for en suite bathrooms and humid areas.

Terrace and Balcony Escape Windows

Roof Balcony Escape Window

Window 'doors' such as in the 'Cabrio' Roof Balcony and ATS Roof Terrace System range are also approved as a means of escape.

How to Fit GPL VELUX Windows

Technical details and installation guides.


M06 is emergency escape only.


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