Loft, Roof and Attic Insulation

Roof Insulation in Dormer & Loft Extensions


Loft Conversion - Insulation

Insulating a loft conversion preserves heat, provides comfort saves fuel.

Loft insulation materials prevent the movement of heated air out of the loft. The loft becomes a well-insulated and ventilated room for your comfort and safety.

We install:

  • Floor insulation - between floor joists
  • Wall insulation - party walls (behind a timber frame stud wall)
  • In ceilings (between rafters) and dividing walls

Loft Insulation - Under Floor

Between the floor joists, 250mm glass fibre insulation is laid to prevent heat loss, draughts and unwanted heat from the rooms below; it provides 30-minute fire resistance, high temperature insulation and sound insulation.

We use Gyprock Rockwool™ insulation, a medium density mat as thermal insulation in domestic roof spaces. It is improving the acoustic performance of intermediate floors.

Fibres of matting insulate and trap air within it to prevent heat conduction.

Rockwool™ Insulation Information

  • Fire resistant
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • CFC, HFC and HCFC free

Before insulation is fitted, any debris is cleared, Pipes and electric wiring are fixed and floor joists installed.

Loose fill insulation options such as some DIY solutions (e.g. vermiculite), have the major disadvantage of being very lightweight and difficult to work with at a commercial scale, it has no specific advantage over fibreglass mats.

The light-weight material can fly out from between the floorboards if disturbed and is problematic to clean up.

Ceiling and Wall Insulation

Heat travels upwards and to maximise the benefit of thermal insulation we install high quality insulation boards within walls and ceilings.

Loft ceilings and/or roof walls are insulated with 50mm foil backed insulation boards.

Kingspan boards are available for general and specialised uses. Kingspan lead the loft insulation market with a range of energy efficient insulation solutions which, combine choice, quality and design and have long life-cycle performance.

Rigid insulation boards fit snugly between roof rafters or within a timber partition frame. The foil backing front and back reflects heat and cold, insulating foam inside has exceptional thermal insulation properties.

  • Kingspan is Certified and Approved and complies with UK Building Regulations and norms.
  • Long Term Durability with a life-cycle up to 40 years
  • 100% Thermally reliable - no cavities, ingress of moisture, cold bridges, interstitial condensation or missing insulation
  • Low air leakage construction
  • Eco friendly - CFC and HCFC free
  • Meets acoustic and noise control specifications
  • Lightweight construction for house loadings
  • Safe and non-fragile
  • Guaranteed quality factory manufactured product to ISO 9001/2

The DIY market and some loft conversion companies may opt for a plasterboard laminate consisting of rigid plasterboard front, vapour barrier, foam insulation and waterproof backing.

This may initially appear a convenient solution; however, it is not the professional's choice.

Because the insulation foam on the back of the panels will sit on top of rafters significantly reduces the internal dimensions of loft.

The loft walls and ceiling are thicker by the width of the do-it-yourself laminated insulation. If 50mm insulation material is used this causes a 100mm loss in loft width and about 75mm loss from the apex of the roof.

Loft and Party Wall Insulation

Party walls and end of house walls are usually plain brick. The walls are insulated to minimise heat loss and maximise soundproofing.

Wall insulation boards for party walls fit within a timber frame - a lightweight, domestic, timber wall.

The timber frame captures the 12.5mm, foil backed, rigid insulating boards so heat is retained within the loft.

Thermal insulation boards also provide noise insulation by impeding the transmission of sound through the structure, and absorbing sound in the frame over a wide frequency range.

Kingspan insulating plasterboard is durable, high quality with the benefits of being space-saving, heat-insulating, fire protecting, sound insulating, and moisture and impact resisting.

Kingspan insulation boards conform to building regulations demands. Kingspan have specialist sound, moisture vapour control and heavy-duty boards for specialised loft conversions.

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