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Architectural Plans for Truss Roof Loft Conversion

Call and ask us about our full UK architectural plans service and how we can help obtain Planning Permission for your project.

Our design teams considerable professional design and practical planning experience allows us offer high quality, competitively priced building plans nationwide. We work closely with homeowners to provide appropriate designs and plans that pass Building Regulation and Planning Permission requirements.

Adding Space and Value

We're confident you'll be delighted with our service, from your first phone conversation with one of our professional planners to the delivery of your plans approved plans and drawings.

Call to ask us today to discuss possibilities for your adding space and value to your home and the relevant regulations.

Plans Examples

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Truss Roof Plans

The architectural drawings we provide detail how a shallow standard truss roof (with insufficient internal height) will have its roof ridge-line raised in the process of converting the 'W'-shaped trusses to 'A' shaped attic trusses.

Raising the roof like the examples shown require planning permission to raise the roofline and create sufficient internal space.

We have an excellent record, that we are proud to share, for obtaining successful Planning applications and obtaining Building Regulations approval.

A Phone Call

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Free Consultation

Use our free initial assessment service (by phone) to discuss the posibilities for your home. All you need a tape-measure and ladder!

From the information you provide we can provide a written, fixed price quote for your plans. We can also provide a competitive quote for construction (if you live in Greater Manchester).

Initial Design Scheme

The next stage, if you wish to proceed, is to arrange an initial site visit and full survey of your home. During this we explore design ideas based around your needs, budget and property characteristics.

We can then draw up an initial design scheme, which is emailed to you, to discuss and progress further to your approval.

Submissions to Local Authority

The agreed plans are submitted for Building Regulations Approval (building codes compliance: structural stability, fire safety, insulation, ventilation, etc) and Planning Permission (how land is used, what is built and where).

Plans Approved

Our experience allows us to be confident we will obtain the necessary Approvals and Permissions for plans we submit for a truss roof loft conversion, even where the ridge line of the house needs to be raised.

Price Guide

Our prices for plans for truss roof conversions start at £800. We indicate below the other costs it's useful to be aware of when applying for Planning Permission and Regulations Approval.

Loft plansPrice Building Plans Price Guide
Truss Rooffrom £800Trussed roof conversion with Velux, dormer, en-Suite
Additional Fees / external costs
Boarshurst travel expenses - dependant on area
Structural Calculationsfrom £200Structural calculations if required by building control
Local Authority feesfrom £165Building control fees
£150Planning Permission

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Trussed Loft Plans
from £800 +vat


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