En Suite Bathrooms in Loft Conversions

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En Suite Bathrooms for Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions
Velux example of loft bathroom

Loft en suites add convenience and luxury to a bedroom and they are ideal for guest rooms.

In a loft conversion we create and install en suite bathrooms as either:

  • 'Part' en suite - sink and toilet, or
  • 'Full' en suite including bath and or shower

Both full and part en suites will provide the convenience and privacy we increasingly value and is reflected in property prices.

Loft bathroom designs need to take account of the existing house structure, building regulations and personal preferences. Generally, planning consideration includes:

Loft en suite bathroom

TopEn Suite Bathroom Floor Plan

The position of your bathroom is generally governed by the location of existing utilities, e.g. water and waste pipes

Waste pipes are generally fixed to the rear of a house which will likely influence the positioning of the bathroom as costs will not be incurred with moving of pipes and installation of a new waste pipe.

Loft en suite bathroom design plans
Loft bathroom design

Your en suite shower or bathroom will usually be positioned above an existing bathroom inorder to and share the water and waste pipes.

One advantage of a rear facing en suite is perhaps for a dormer bathroom extension planning permission is easier to obtain (compared to a street facing dormer). Dormers are useful windows for bathrooms because they create additional space at head height.

TopBathroom Windows

Loft en suite bathroom
Velux escape window

uPVC loft windows are ideal for bathrooms because they can be easily maintained with a soft cloth.

The Velux GPU skylight, for example, has a white polyurethane finish around a timber core which can't be beaten for water resistance.

Windows need to be resilient because a high level of condensation and moisture is usual in bathrooms.

Top or side lifting Velux windows are popular and, like dormers, qualify as an escape and access window, which is necessary in all loft rooms.

TopPower Showers - Plumbing

Electric power showers are very popular in bathrooms generally, but particularly so in loft conversions where there may not be sufficient room for a water tank to create the head necessary to generate adequate water pressure.

Power showers electronically heat water taken from a spur off the cold feed mains.

Unlimited high pressure water can be supplied to the loft in abundance. Ideal for showers, it is then heated by a powerful electric water heating system.

Showers have temperature and power controls and settings and built-in safety devices, e.g. temperature stabilisers, over temperature cut-out and a low water pressure indicator. Electrical safety is ensured by a remote power on/off switch.

TopPower Showers - Electrics

Electric power showers require sufficient power to adequately heat large volumes in an instant.

Power showers therefore need a secure power source for safety and power. They must have their own cable direct from the central fuse box.

The power cable therefore runs from the mains box directly to the loft bathroom with an isolated (outside of arm span) or pull down switch to control electrical supply.

Electric cabling can be secured behind discreet conduits or channelled (laying the cable within the plaster).

TopShower Cubicles

Shower cubicles are available in many colours, designs, materials and sizes. Within a loft en suite showers cannot use floor tiles are they are prone to cracking and grout damage with the attendant risk of leakage.

Walk-in showers are impracticable in a loft because they require solid concrete to prevent cracking of grout and risk of leakage.

All our en suite showers use shower trays in a variety of materials: ceramic, fibreglass or plastic. Typical shower tray dimensions include:

  • 760mm x 760mm
  • 860mm x 860mm
  • 900mm x 900mm
  • 900mm x 1220mm

If required we custom make showers to individual requirements.

TopBathroom Toilets

Toilets must be positioned close to a toilet wastepipe. Building Regulations allow a span of up to 2 meters.

Modern toilet systems are available in traditional and modern, contemporary designs to match your loft design. Suited to lofts are toilets with internal siphon overflows because they eliminate the need for an external overflow pipe high on the outside wall.

For silent filling, there is the Fluid Master, this has a silent valve that fills from the bottom, a very reliable system and ideal for a concealed cistern.

TopVanity Units and Washbasins

Many people choose a fitted vanity unit for their washbasin. This hides the plinth, and provides convenient bathroom storage space.

We have a wide range of contemporary bathroom suites that use beautiful materials and modern designs for basin, plinth, toilet and units.

Qualified joiners, plumbers and tillers professionally install your bathroom, turning your en suite ideas to reality.

TopElectric Radiant Underfloor Heating

Loft en suite bathroom

Loft may not be included within an existing central heating system, and it may even be undesirable.

Loft bathrooms can be fitted with their own independent underfloor radiant heating system.

Electric radiant heat warms bathroom floor tiles, and the entire bathroom to the set temperature, at set times.

Radiant heating is economic, controllable, invisible and space saving. It can also be installed to heat the entire loft conversion.

TopTiles and Tiling

Tiles are a practical and attractive solution to bathroom decoration.

Tiles are easy to maintain, ideal for humid rooms, long lasting and durable. We supply and fit tiles from leading tile design companies, styles include:

  • Metallic tiles
  • Stone effect tiles
  • Tiles with a luster
  • Scored tiles
  • Designer
  • Mosaic sized tiles
  • Strip tiles
  • Boarder tiles
  • Field tiles
  • Large field tiles

Ask to see our brochures for Johnson Infini, Aspects and Formations ranges; Apavisa Gemas, Augusta and Excelsior ranges.

TopBathroom Ventilation

Loft en suite ventilation

Bathroom skylights can be partially opened for ventilation, or to rapidly remove humid air and water vapour before it condenses we can install an electric extractor fan.

Top Top Ceilings Safety