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Use Our Loft Conversion Plans Service

We Provide Architectural Plans for Loft Conversions & Dormer Extensions from £400.

Our competitively priced architectural loft planning service is tailored to meet your needs. For plans only option we cover all of the UK, and for our seamless design and build service we cover the Northwest & Greater London regions.

Our loft plans are designed to make the most of your loft space and our easy, no obligation, specialised service begins with a free call to us: 0800 505 3414.

Real Examples of Our Recent Plans Below

Find an example of a house similar to yours below: trussed roof, roofline/velux, semi-detached dormer, bungalow dormer, terrace dormer. Click for PDF version

Why Do I Need Plans?

Plans show the materials, construction method and structure information of the existing and proposed loft. Building Control inspect the ongoing and completed work against the plans to ensure compliance.

As many conversions fall within "Permitted Development Rights" they don't require additional Planning Permissions, for those that do, we can apply for this too.

Our extensive experience lets us demonstrate the design option that best meets your needs within the constraints of your existing roof.

Why use Boarshurst?

  • Expert design and planning skills borne out of 30 years experience designing modern imaginative loft conversions
  • A cheap, flexible service and simple process
    1. Your phone call to discuss suitability and feasability (we also use Google Street view to assess your loft) all you need is a tape measure and ladder.
      We will provide a written fixed price quote based on the information you provide.
    2. Initial site visit and full survey so you can explore your design ideas and match these with our innovative design experience, keeping plans withing Building Regulations requirements
    3. Drawing up design draft scheme which will be emailed for discussions and your approval
    4. Submission of plans for Building Regulations approval (and or Planning Permission)
    5. Hard copy of plans (A1 size) and electronic copy supplied either to yourself (plans only service) or our building teams
  • Saves you money in the long run, making your loft cheaper
  • Avoid hidden costs and delays
  • Explore all realistic options your loft has to offer
  • Maximise internal space through design, material choice and precise construction.
  • Fully accountability for all our work from first drawings to the completed loft
  • Excellent project management

Price Guide for Plans

Loft plansPrice £Building Plans Price Guide
Smallfrom 400Small loft, Velux, optional en-suite.
Mediumfrom 650Medium loft, Velux, dormer, en-suite.
Largefrom 800Large loft, Velux, dormer, en-suite.
Truss Rooffrom 700Trussed roof conversion with Velux, dormer, en-Suite
Additional Fees / external costs
Travel expenses - dependant on area
Structural Calculationsfrom 200Structural calculations if required by building control
Local Authority feesfrom 165Building control fees
150Planning Permission

Boarshurst Planning Service

We're sure you'll be delighted with our planning service - call and ask for a no-obligation quotation. We measure your loft and its suitability for conversion and discuss with you your design options.

We provide you with a no obligation fixed price quote based on this initial survey.

If you wish to proceed our architectural surveyor conducts a fully survey to assess:

  • any changes to the design ideas discussed - there are often small changes
  • if structural calculations are required
  • the relevant Planning and/or Building Regulations. If Planning Permission
    • is not required then plans can be submitted for approval to BCO.
    • is required, architectural/building plans are submitted to the Local Authority for Planning and BCO approval.

Boarshurst guarantee that plans meet BCO Approval or your money back.

What Are Floor Plans?


Floor / architectural or building plans are a series drawings showing plans elevations and sections to scale. The line drawings show the layout of the property and loft.

We use Computer Aided Design (CAD software) to create the plan based on the final survey. The approved design will be influenced by the house structure, building/planning regulations, client room use and choices.

What Do Plans Show?

Project summary:

  • Property address, Client name, Project name
  • Scale e.g. 1 : 50, Date of plans, Location of house

Proposed Construction:

  • Floor layout & stair exits of lower floors
  • Loft layout - windows, rooms, power, etc
  • Existing elevations, Dimensions of rooms: width, depth, height
  • Proposed elevations and Sectional drawing

Drawing annotation

  • Description of Rooms - Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living rooms
  • Wall description - glass, timber, fire safe
  • Building materials - timber, boarding, windows and insulation.
  • Construction method - screwing, brackets

Construction notes

  • Systems and sequence of conversion, location and summaries of work, materials and standards
  • Electrical and plumbing installation information

Professional Service

Not all loft plans are the same. Our skilled team ensures plans are to an agreed design, and to the highest standards. This ensures your loft meets your individual requirements with a minimum of disruption.

We pride ourselves on planning skills, and can design in the latest space saving insulation materials and innovations to make your loft a valuable addition to your home.

For DIY conversions, our plans provide the significant information however, please be aware that many lofts and dormers can require structural elements such as steel joists which usually require a competent professional builder to install. For more information on DIY lofts we recommend Principles of Loft Conversions by John Coutts.

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