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Loft Conversion Step-By-Step Process

How We Convert Lofts

Step-By-Step - How we convert a rafter and purlin type roof into a double dormer loft. Videos show the various processes for constructing a loft room, plus before and after of this semi-detached house.

See how we convert modern "W" shaped truss roofs.

Before and After

Internal and external views of before and after the dormer loft conversion that added a rear and side dormer to create a double bedroom and spacious and open stairs and landing area. The 3 bed semi-detached house becomes a comfortable 4 bed, preserving garden space and insulating the entire house.

Loft Floors

  • Roof

    Original rafter & perlin roof structure, brick supports and ties, slate roof, chimney breast and ceiling joists are all visible.

  • Ceiling Joists

    The original joists are weak, meant only to support the ceiling. They have become unlevel as the house has settled either side of the central supporting wall.

  • New Joists

    New floor joists installed - metal ties and cut-arounds support and cater for existing ceiling joists and preserve internal height. Wire installed for insulation.

  • Insulating

    Wire reinforced mineral wool is installed to Building Regulations specified depth. Floor is boarded - tounge & groove moisture resistant chipboard flooring.

  • Reinforced

    How to insulate between new floor joists in a loft conversion. Using 100 mm rockwool fibre insulation and chichen wire.

  • Review

    Week 2 review, floor installed, insulated and boarded, chimney prepared for RSJ, supporting wall build up.

Loft Structure

  • Supporting Wall

    A concrete-block wall is built up to take the RSJ from the chimney breast.

  • RSJ

    A Reinforced Steel Beam/Joist (RSJ) is installed from the chimney breast to the new supporting wall and supports the span of the dormer roof.

  • Frame 1

    The rear and side dormers are created as a timber frame.

  • Frame 2

    The rear and side dormers are create & integrated into the existing roof structure and RSJ. To maximise height the dormer beams are strapped above the RSJ.

  • Breakthrough

    The timber structure of rear & side dormers constructed and integrated into the existing roof and RSJ, maximising the height of dormer.

  • Stairs

    Fitting staircase into the side dormer and adding a landing.

Insulation, Boarding, Electrics

  • Rigid Insulation

    Between the timberwork we install 100mm foil backed rigid insulation board. On ceilings a similar 25mm board is laid. The plasterboard also foil backed.

  • Plaster boarding

    Foil backed plasterboard is screw fixed to the inside of the loft in preparation for a plaster finish.

  • Plastering

    Plastering the walls, ceilings, windows and under stairs and around electrical connections such as light fittings and power sockets in a dormer loft conversion.

  • Electrics

    Electrical wiring from mains fuse box. hall & landing mains fed smoke alarms, stairwell light, 3 sets - recessed ceiling down-lighters with dimmer controls, multiple power sockets.


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