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Building Plans for Lofts

Why do I need Floor/Building Plans?

Building plans serve purposes:

  1. Local Authority Building Control need to be shown how the loft will be converted, i.e. it will be in line with relevant regulations.
  2. Planning Permission, if required, is base on consideration of these drawings.
  3. Project teams refer to the detailed measurement, technique and materials instruction that informs construction.

1. Local Authority Building Control

Loft Conversion Floor Plan
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Building/floor plans are submitted and the local Building Control Service for consideration whether the proposed work complies with Building Regulations.

The plans can be accepted, negotiated or rejected (and 'appealed'). It is not unusual for different local authorities to interpret the Regulations in different ways, so experience allows us to present plans that make the most of local interpretation of the rules.

A Completion Certificate is only provided after full plans submission. This is evidence that requirements covered by the plans have been met.

Approved Inspectors

Approved Inspectors (AI) are qualified private sector building control professionals that provide an alternative to local authority building control.

If AI are used, the local authority is jointly informed of the work and it becomes the approved inspector's role to advise on Regulations, check plans for conformance with Regulations, issue a plans certificate (if required), inspect the work and issue the final certificate.

Loft Conversions
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2. Planning Permission

Local authority websites often have very detailed planning application information sections and downloadable forms, guides, checklists and links to government websites such as Planning Portal.

The process can be daunting and time-consumming for the novice, this is why we are happy to apply for planning permission on behalf of clients and to manage the process from start to finish.

Our significant experience allows us to efficiently survey and plan a development that meets the needs of both householder and local authority.

3. Project Teams

Understand the potential within your loft. Book a FREE, no obligation assessment with our professional surveyor.

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Our teams contain professional and experienced tradespeople whose role is to carryout the conversion according to the plans. They work to assemble the materials delivered to site and provide the support services that turn the roof space into an exciting loft conversion. The accuracy and skill of our tradesmen allows us to design and create fabulous lofts that are millimetre perfect, just as the plans show!

The cost of plans depends on the scale of development See our or Price Guide for mor information about our fees and external costs.


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