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Rules & Regulations for Loft Conversions

What are Building Regulations, Permitted Development Rights and Planning Permission?

The Basics

Because householders need safe, efficient homes, neighbours need privacy and their property values maintaining, and authorities want planned development there are rules for what is allowed.

  • Building Regulations - these are regulated by Local Authorities and govern the quality of the build, for example over fire safety issues, insulation requirements and structural stability.
  • Permitted Development Rights - Central Government has set clear, maximum allowances on what can be built before you need Planning Permission, for example, dormer size, where they face, exclusion areas.
  • Planning Permission - Local Authorities govern how more significant developments occur within their area, for example, the height of houses, conservation requirements, listed building alterations

We have an excellent track record of working within these complex rules to obtain the maximum value for clients and ensuring their loft designs meet their full potential.

Quality Surveys and Information

Because all lofts are different we provide a free consultation with our architectural surveyor. This will provide you with the information and understanding you need on whether you can develop you loft.

Our professional surveyors know and understand the intricate rules in impressive detail and can explain the options available in simple terms.

Their experience is valuable as it allows you to design a loft that meets its full potential. It can also cut costs - many times we hear accounts of failed plans or passed plans that are impossible to build on the budget.

At Boarshurst we provide clear information, excellent design and fixed price quotes that include the general costs of conversion. This allows you to understand the work and anticipate costs.

Loft Conversions

On our loft plans page we outline the cost of plans - by loft size - plus other costs included in our fixed price conversion quotes such as Local Authority fees at a minimum, and potentially Structural Calculations for dormers and Planning Permission for truss conversions.

Full Service

We provide a full, professional start-to-finish service and we don't employ sales people.

Your architectural surveyor is your primary contact; they assess your loft, discuss your options and calculate a fixed price quote for you.

The same surveyor ensures all paperwork and requirements are met and your loft is certified when complete. They are generally available up to and during the build so if your design ideas evolve you can understand implications regarding Regulations and costs. Plus once our tradesmen are on site the can always obtain professional advice at any time, which allows a build to progress efficiently and without delay.


Please note that this information is intended only as a summary guide only and not a basis for making decisons on. It is not a substitute for discussing details of an individual loft with a professional surveyor.

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Contact us to discuss your loft ideas on 0800 505 3414 and receive a free. We provide a free no obligation fixed price quote of conversions in Greater Manchester region.

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